1837 - 1909

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some photos on this page are taken from the Sussex Photohistory website - credit: David Simkin

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Portrait of Thomas, taken at his studio, 1 St James' Street, Brighton.


Thomas Donovan's family about 1888, taken in his St James' Street studio.

(left to right: Thomas, son Charles, baby grandson Teddie, daughter Minnie Donovan, wife Victoria Gibbons, son Frank, daughter Florence.


A later portrait of Thomas, taken at his studio, 1 St James' Street, Brighton. Perhaps around 1895.

 An early advertisement for Thomas's Portrait Studio in St. James' Street, Brighton, which appeared in The Cliftonville & Hove Mercury on 13th September, 1878.

(photo credit: David Simkin)

Thomas's shop, 1 St James' Street, Brighton, c.1897. See 'Brighton Locations page' for modern view of no.1

(photo credit: David Simkin)

 reverse of a cabinet protrait from his studio c. 1890

The destroyed Chain Pier, Brighton, on 5th Dec. 1896, a photograph taken by Thomas. The Chain Pier was destroyed by a fierce storm on the evening of 4th Dec. 1896. In the background is the Palace Pier, which was not opened to the public until May 1899

(photo credit: David Simkin)