1887 - 1968

Mary with her older sister Mabel c.1892.

  Mary with baby sister Christine and older sister Mabel, c.1895
Mary in her christening dress c.1898  

Mary with her younger sister Christine, her mother Mary, and her grandmother Elizabeth Laidler, c.1899. Elizabeth, a widow, lived with her daughter's family in Church Road, Hove. This photo may be in the garden of 21 Church Road.

Mary c.1900 aged 12
  The Tebbs Family c.1903

c.1905 aged 17.   Mary with older sister Edith, c.1907. The photo is cut in half; the other half probably featured sisters Mabel and Christine, and perhaps their brother Ernest.

Mary from the same photo session c.1907.

  Brighton theatricals.
Brighton theatricals.   Brighton theatricals.
Brighton theatricals.   Mary with fiancee Teddie (on leave) c.1916, still a private. photo by Teddie's father Charles Donovan, taken in Charles's garden, Ditchling Rise, Brighton.
At the wedding of Teddie's Aunt Florence to Ted Bostal, September 1916. (Mary 3rd right, back row).  

Mary and Teddie's Wedding, Wednesday 18th April 1917.

Mary with husband Teddie Donovan, c. 1917
photo by Teddie's father Charles Donovan, taken in Charles's garden, Ditchling Rise, Brighton.
  Mary dressed up in her father-in-law's garden at Ditchling Rise, Brighton. Compare with Ellen Greenfield dressed up in the garden, on her page; it is almost certainly taken on the same day as this picture.

After the war?

  Mary with first child Pat, 1921.
1922 or 1923. Mary with Pat and Teddie.   Christian & Mary Tebbs' 45th? Wedding Anniversary c.1922.
Three Tebbs sisters. Mabel with Christopher; Edith with Mary; Mary with Pat. The same occasion as the previous picture - The 45th Wedding Anniversary c.1922   Mary with Pat and Tony. c.1930
Mary with Pat and Tony. c.1933   Tebbs and Savages. Taken around 1933 in the garden of Beatrice Savage and her sister, in Fittleworth or perhaps Billingshurst, Sussex.
The Donovans and the Lintotts c.1936  

Mary and family on Brighton beach c. 1939

Mary and family c. 1946  

Mary and family c. 1947

Mary at son Tony's marriage to Molly Bunting c. 1948  

Mary with daughter Terry c. 1950

Mary and Teddie (right) with Maude Tebbs (center; see the Tebbs Tree). Maude was Ernest Tebbs' wife. When Ernie was ill and old he and Maude moved in, upstairs, with Mary and Teddie in Wollstonbury Road, Hove. Maude remained when widowed. This picture looks like late 1950s.   Mary (centre) with Jean Yarker (right). The babies are Helen ? (left) and Tony Cryer (right) c. 1963.

Mary with granddaughters Penny (right) and Mandy Bishop c. 1963?

  Mary with Jean Yarker and grandsons Tony (left) and David Cryer c. 1966