1893 -

"my earliest recollection is of sleeping in the same cot as Frank, one 'up' and the other 'down', so that we each had the width of the bed..."   (Grace Donovan's Memoir)
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"The contrast between my two grandfathers can hardly have been greater..."   (Grace Donovan's Memoir)
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left to right: Harriet Martin?, Minnie Donovan, Ellen Greenfield, Grace, Florence Donovan, Arthur Donovan and Teddie Donovan.
pre-war. The woman on the left may be Harriet Martin, Grace's grandmother (Ellen's mother). If so this picture cannot be later than 1911 when Harriet died.

  Grace with her brothers Frank (left) and Arthur. Pre-war.
Grace pre-war.   Grace pre-war.
At the wedding of Grace's Aunt Florence to Ted Bostal, September 1916. (Teddie 2nd right, back row).   Grace, with her mother Ellen and brother Frank (on leave). Ditchling Rise, Brighton, c.1916. Photo taken by her father Charlie.
Grace (on the ground, 1st left), at the wedding of her stepbrother Teddie and Mary Tebbs, Wednesday 18th April 1917.   Grace (right). Grace's mother Ellen handing tea to her sister-in-law Florence. With Florence's husband? Dan Bostal in uniform. Also Minnie Donovan. WW I period?
Grace (3rd right) with family, probably mid 1920s. Click on picture for more names...   Grace's family the Lintotts with her half-brother Teddie Donovan's family, c.1936