1873 -

"In Preston Park... two sisters habitually watched two young men playing football for their club, the 'Hornets'. Carrie and Ellen Greenfield were the sisters, Charlie Kilmister and Charlie Donovan the friends. Carrie became Mrs Kilmister before my parents were married."

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This is a wedding portrait of Ellen, around 1891 aged 17, taken by her husband Charles Donovan.  

Charles and Ellen Greenfield's wedding (probably). They were married on 16 April 1891, in St Joseph's Catholic Church, Brighton.
This wedding photo was taken by Thomas in the St James' Street studio, Brighton. [left to right: Minnie Donovan, Ellen Greenfield, Charles, Florence Donovan, unknown bridesmaid (possibly Carrie Greenfield, Ellen's sister), unknown best man (possibly Charlie Kilmister, mentioned by daughter Grace, in her memoir, as a friend of Charles')].


Ellen in her garden, Ditchling Rise? Brighton, c.1916. Photo taken by her husband Charlie.

  Ellen, with her son Frank (on leave) and daughter Grace. Ditchling Rise? again, Brighton, c.1916. Photo taken by her husband Charlie.
pre-war. The woman on the left may be Harriet Martin, Ellen's mother. If so this picture cannot be later than 1911 when Harriet died.
left to right: Harriet?, Minnie Donovan, Ellen, Grace Donovan, Florence Donovan, Arthur Donovan and Teddie.

Ellen (3rd left, 2nd row), at the wedding of her stepson Teddie and Mary Tebbs, Wednesday 18th April 1917.

Ellen handing tea to her sister-in-law Florence. With Florence's husband? Dan Bostal in uniform. Also Minnie and Grace Donovan. WW I period?  

Ellen dressed up in the garden at Ditchling Rise, Brighton. Compare with Mary Tebbs dressed up in the garden, on her page; it is almost certainly taken on the same day as this picture.

Ellen with family, probably mid 1920s.