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John Carl Cryer c.1925   Janet & Doris? Cryer c.1924
Janet Cryer c.1925   Janet as bridesmaid at unknown wedding c.1928
Janet and two unknown women c.1935   Janet (2nd left) Doris? and Norman Cryer c.1930
Doris and Janet c.1945   John Cryer and Mary's wedding
Barry Cryer and Terry Donovan's wedding, Bristol 1962   Barry with brother and best man John at Barry's wedding
Andrew Cryer c.1983   Tony, Jack and David Cryer c.1969
Tony, Jack, Bob, Dave and Polly the dog c.1974   Bob and Suzannah's wedding, Putney 1998
Barry and Bob c.2000   Tony and Evan 2006
Evan after his triathlon 2007   Hope 2004
Hope with Connie 2008   Martha with Connie 2008
Connie 2009