18 Vale Road, Portslade

4 Carlisle Road, Hove
Edward Donovan, his wife Mary Tebbs and their children Pat, Tony and Terry lived here from about 1924 to 1934.   This may be the nursing home where Mary Tebbs gave birth to her son Tony Donovan in 1925, though she lived in Vale Road, Portslade. Her parents lived across the road at no.7

7 Carlisle Road, Hove

66-68 Church Road, Hove
Christian Tebbs and Mary Laidler were living here in 1925. They moved from 66-68 Church Road some time after 1901.   Christian Tebbs' family lived here from about 1881 to 1901. It was also their Draper's shop where they all worked, and where Mary Laidler was milliner.

21 Church Road, Hove

48 Chester Terrace
William Tebbs' family were living here in 1881.   Charles Donovan moved here in 1894, with Ellen Greenfield and their children Frank and Grace. Edward was probably living, at this time, with his grandparents Thomas and Victoria in Prince's Crescent.

35 Ditchling Rise

53 Clyde Road
Charles Donovan moved here with his family (probably including his son Edward) sometime before WWI, having previously lived in Chester Terrace. He died here in 1946. Ellen Greenfield continued to live here until her death in 1954.   Charles Donovan and Ellen Greenfield moved here in 1891. Their children Frank and Grace were born here.

5 Prince's Crescent

82 Carlyle Street
Thomas Donovan and family were living here from about 1881 - 1894, moving from Sutherland Road. Their widowed son Charles and grandson Edward moved in here, when Minnie Comber died about 1890.   Minnie Comber and Charles Donovan lived here when their son Edward Donovan was born in 1886.
Thomas Donovan and family, moved from Bristol in 1872. By 1878 they lived at 3 St James Street where they kept their photography shop. In 1880 they moved next door to no.1   Both pictures show open air to the left of the building, showing that it was no.1 on the street. Subsequent buildings to the left are only one or two stories high.

106 St James's Street

7 Toronto Terrace
Edith Tebbs and Bernard Savage had their chemist shop here from 19? - 1950? Still a chemist as you see.   The Laidler family were living here before 1877.

3 Walpole Terrace

1 Wolstonbury Road
Edward Donovan and family moved here, from Vale Road, Portslade, in about 1934.   Edward Donovan and Mary Tebbs lived here in the 1950s.

Kemp Town Station tunnel 2007
(Stevenson Road)

Kemp Town Station 1968
This was the tunnel entrance at Kemp Town station where Teddie Donovan worked. The tunnel and station were opened in 1869, closing to passengers in 1933 and to all freight in 1971. CLICK HERE for a history of the station.   CLICK HERE for a history of the station.