1909 - 1994

born: Brighton, 12 March 1909              died: Wivelsfield Green, East Sussex, 18 February 1994

Barbara wrote a short piece on some childhood memories - you can read it here

"BARBARA WILLARD was the last of the outstanding children's novelists whose best stories were drawn from remote episodes in British history."  from an obituary in The Independent 22nd February 1994

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Barbara (right) with grandmother Mary Laidler and cousin Jo Tebbs around 1916.   Barbara (front, right) at her Aunt Mary's wedding to Teddie Donovan 1917.
Christian & Mary Tebbs' 45th? Wedding Anniversary c.1922. Barbara is 2nd left.   Barbara (left), again with grandmother Mary Laidler and cousin Jo Tebbs around 1923.
about 1923.   Barbara with mother Mabel Tebbs and brother Christopher c. 1926.
late 1920s  

Tebbs and Savages. Barbara is 2nd right, back row. Taken around 1933 in the garden of Beatrice Savage and her sister, in Fittleworth, Sussex.

This photograph is of Barbara outside Quince Cottage, Kingston, East Sussex in 1947. The picture shows her partner Frances 'Nobby' Howell seated on the step, Barbara in the middle and a boy called Turner Waddell.

On the Kingston village website Turner Waddell remembers Barbara:

"I used to stay with my grandparents... every summer from about 1945 to about 1957. They rented 'Hollowdown'... Barbara Willard and her companion ('Nobby', as I knew her, was the motoring and travel correspondent for 'Homes & Garden' magazine) lived in 'Quince Cottage'... and I believe that Nobby had the house built in 1939... They both moved to Nutley soon after the 'Juggs' pub was born and the village became swamped with visitors."

Barbara in her garden (perhaps at her 18th century cottage in Nutley, East Sussex), probably in the 1980s.